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Press conference at FCCJ

Tsunekazu Takeda President,Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee, President of Japanese Olympic Committee, International Olympic Committee Member

15:00-16:00, Friday, May 10, 2013
竹田 恆和
東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック招致委員会 理事長



Tokyo, Istanbul, and Madrid have been chosen as final candidates to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. Anticipation is mounting ahead of the host city election date on September 7. The bid has absorbed not only a great deal of effort from the national and metropolitan governments, but also has remained in the media headlines for both positive and negative reasons.

When Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose recently made controversial comments perceived as being critical of Istanbul's bid in a New York Times interview, the timing could not have been worse. Tsunekazu Takeda, the president of the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee, played the leading role in managing the crisis and assuring the International Olympic Committee that the governor was aware of his mistake and that Tokyo would strictly adhere to the rules regarding Olympic bids.

This episode is but one example of the complex and important role that Takeda is now playing as head of Tokyo's bid for the 2020 Olympics.

Tsunekazu Takeda has a lifetime of involvement with the Olympics,including as an athlete in the Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976 Olympic Games where he competed in the equestrian jumping events. Since that time he has remained a pillar of Japan's Olympic movement.

Please come to hear Mr. Takeda explain in detail the many important and complicated issues surrounding Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid. This is your opportunity to assess Tokyo's real chances for an Olympic win.