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Press conference at FCCJ

Abenomics–A Story of Success or Failure? , by Kichikawa, Kodama & Koll

12:00-14:00 Monday, June 17, 2013
"Abenomics" – A Story of Success or Failure?
by Kichikawa, Kodama & Koll

6月17日(月)12:00-14:00 会見
吉川 雅幸、バンクオブアメリカ・メリルリンチ、チーフ日本エコノミスト
小玉 祐一、明治安田生命保険相互会社、チーフエコノミスト
イェスパー・コール、JP モルガン証券、マネージング・ディレクター





After Prime Minister Shinzo Abe outlined his long-awaited growth strategy on June 5, the Nikkei Stock Average dropped another 3.8%, raising suspicions that the six-month run of market exuberance has come to an end and that "Abenomics" would prove to be a disappointment.

Will Abe's growth strategy turn into a failure? What should he do to keep his promise of putting Japan's economy back on track? And what are the risks ahead?

After the cabinet approves the growth strategy in mid-June, FCCJ will have three experienced economists come on June 17 and discuss their views on 'Abenomics' – Jesper Koll of JPMorgan Securities Japan, Yuichi Kodama of Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance and Masayuki Kichikawa of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Jesper Koll, a long-time optimistic on Japan's economy, is a Managing Director and Head of Japan Equity Research of JPMorgan. Koll, a German national, has been researching and investing in Japan since becoming a resident in 1986. Over the past two decades, Koll has been consistently ranked as one of the top Japan strategists/economists. His analysis and insights have earned him a spot on several Japanese government advisory committees.

Yuichi Kodama, Chief Economist of Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, has expressed skepticism about "Abenomics". A graduate from Keio University, Kodama joined Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance in 1987 and was appointed to the current post in 2002.

Masayuki Kichikawa, Chief Japan Economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, has been advocating drastic monetary easing before Abe launched his "first arrow" of much greater bond buying by the Bank of Japan. He focuses his analysis on medium-to-long-term structural changes, and his strength is in international comparisons. Kichikawa began his career in 1984, when he joined Nomura Research Institute. After working for Asahi Life Asset Management, Mizuho Securities and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, he joined Merrill Lynch Japan as Chief Japan Economist in November 2007. He received his MBA and master’s degree in economics from Boston University.