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Press conference at FCCJ

IchiroOzawa, President of People's Life Party

12:30-14:00 Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Ichiro Ozawa
President of People's Life Party

7月17日(水)12:30-14:00  会見
小沢 一郎
生活の党 代表




Taking on the Leviathan called the LDP

Ichiro Ozawa is waging a fresh campaign in the run-up to the July 21 House of Councillors election against the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to which he once belonged and later tried to destroy.

At 71, Ozawa is still energetic. Journalists on his beat found him riding a bicycle recently in Chiba Prefecture in a bid to emulate the victory by a candidate of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) in a House of Representatives by-election in 2006 shortly after he became DPJ leader.

But this time, he is facing an uphill battle as leader of the small People's Life Party, and pre-election projections indicate that his party is likely to take a drubbing and unlikely to retain its current strength of eight seats in the upper house. A 15-term lower house member, Ozawa initially joined the LDP before creating and leading one party after another and taking the rein of People's Life Party.

Ozawa will come to the Club to share his thoughts on how to prevent Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's LDP from dominating the nation's political landscape and to consolidate an anti-LDP force which prioritizes people's livelihood.