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Tokyo Discovery Project

Hello Global People!!
We are adventure crew of the Tokyo discovery project.
We tried to discover modern spots and traditional Tokyo culture, and we want to introduce them to you. Please enjoy the following movie.

JCC & Takahiro Nakajima,
Certificated Tour Guide

Marunouchi Area

The circumference of Tokyo Station is called Marunouchi by the vestiges which had Edo castle a long time ago.
It is famous as a business district.
Since the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park are close, nature is also rich.

Tokyo international forum and Mitsubishi 1-go kan

Tokyo international forum and MITSUBISHI 1-go kan.

The Imperial Palace and old Tokyo Map

From the first, Edo castle stood there.
It became the Emperor's royal palace and dwelling In 1877and afterwards.

Interview at the imperial palace

Interview at the imperial palace.

The New Japan Post Building

The new nippon post office completed on May 31 2012.
The low ridge has left the appearance of the old office and the high ridge was built as a 200m-high modernistic tower.

The New Tokyo Station

The Tokyo station was completed in 1914.
The number of platforms is No.1 of japan,
and is functioning as a vestibule leading to the outside of Tokyo.
It was specified as an important cultural property in 2003.