The press conference in FCCJ


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Press conference at FCCJ

Keiichiro Asao

Your Party Leader & Member of the House of Representatives
Monday, April 21, 2014, 15:00 - 16:00





When a campaign finance scandal suddenly consumed the career of Your Party founding leader Yoshimi Watanabe, there was little doubt among the party faithful that Keiichiro Asao was the right man to take over the reins. No other candidate even stepped forward to challenge him.

But Your Party itself is facing its most serious crisis since 2009, with the very existence of the party in doubt. At the end of last summer, Your Party had 36 lawmakers in the Diet and had made gains in strength in every election cycle. But a feud between Watanabe and his former lieutenant, Kenji Eda, led to damaging defections and plummeting party approval rates. Watanabe's financial scandal only deepened the party's woes.

Keiichiro Asao is the man who must carry out this formidable rebuilding project. Now with only 22 members in the Diet and with negligible public support, Asao must somehow find a way to put Your Party -- not long ago a striking success among the smaller new parties -- back on the path to political health.

Come to the FCCJ and hear how he intends to do it.

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