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Press conference at FCCJ

Yuko Ando & Maoko Kotani,
"Women's in Media"

FCCJ series: Women Speak
Yuko Ando, Anchorwoman, "FNN Super News"
Maoko Kotani, Anchorwoman, BS Japan "Nikkei plus 10"
Thursday, May 15, 2014, 12:30 - 14:00

安藤優子 “FNNスーパーニュース” 
小谷真生子 BSジャパン“日経プラス10”




Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he wants to create a Japan "where women shine" instead of walk three spaces behind their husbands, take lesser roles at work or remain at home in domestic drudge.

Abe also believes that unleashing the creativity of women will help revitalize Japan's stagnant economy and has pledged that by 2020 the government will ensure 30 percent of leading positions are held by women.Can he do it in a society that requires women to be submissive to their male masters at home, subservient to male superiors at work and, all the while, embrace an impossible vision of "kawai" or cuteness, constantly promoted by the country's media?

We are fortunate to present two women who have broken the mould of Japan's male-dominated media and are in a position to answer the above question.

Maoko Kotani is a veteran journalist and anchor of Broadcast Satellite's nightly business news program, "Nikkei plus 10" as well as TV Tokyo's nightly "World Business Satellite" show, a position she's held since 1998. That makes her the longest-serving anchor on a business news show in Japanese broadcasting history. Earlier in her career, Kotani covered the devastating Kobe earthquake of 1995, providing on location reports for more than four weeks.

Yuko Ando is another veteran news journalist, who has a doctorate in global studies from Sophia University. In a long career spanning the globe, Ando has covered everything from the Polish Solidarity movement during 1981, the “Peoples Power” revolution in the Philippines in1986, the 1991 Gulf War and the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Since 1987, Ando has been working at Fuji Television anchoring various live news programs.

Come and listen to Ando and Kotani talk about their views on the status of women in Japanese media and society in general and how Abe’s stated goals can be achieved.

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