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Press conference at FCCJ

Yuji Kuroiwa, Governor of Kanagawa
Thursday, June 05, 2014, 12:00 - 13:00

神奈川県知事 黒岩祐治

As the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe prepares to update its growth strategy in June, Kanagawa Governor Yuji Kuroiwa will come to the club to present his prefecture's vision of using special economic zones to help boost the country's growth potential.

Kuroiwa, a former Fuji Television network journalist, will discuss how to build a sustainable social system that can cope with the aging society. A medical robot will be on display during his briefing.

In Kanagawa, south of Tokyo, three special zones will be created to develop pharmaceutical products and medical devices, promote practical application of robots which support people, and heal visitors with hot springs and farm products.

In April the prefecture was designated as a National Strategic Special Zone, where regulations on the number of hospital beds and acceptance of foreign medical professionals will be eased. It is part of Abe's "third arrow" of economic revitalization, which also includes increased fiscal spending and aggressive monetary easing.

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