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Press conference at FCCJ

"Whither the Japan-China Relationship?"
Yukio Okamoto,
Former Special Advisor to Japan PM
Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 15:00 - 16:00

元内閣総理大臣補佐官 岡本行夫



China and Japan are the world’s second-biggest and third-biggest economies, while the trade in goods and services between them were valued at nearly $450 billion in 2014. They share cultural and linguistic ties that go back centuries, enriching both their histories.

While their relationship goes back to hundreds of years, closer ties are being impeded by more recent historical events, including the Japanese invasion and occupation of China last century and, even more recently, arguments over territory.

The disputes over history and territory have impeded closer economic and political ties and raised tensions in the region. While there are signs of a slight thaw in recent weeks, the tensions have also given Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ammunition to chip away at Japan's long-famed pacifist stance on international relations and beef up Japanese security ties with the U.S. and other Asian nations.

It is a pleasure to be able to announce that Yukio Okamoto, co-founder of Pacifica Fund and an advisor to Abe on his planned statement to mark the 70 th anniversary of the end of World War II in August, will come to the club to speak about the China-Japan relationship.

Okamoto, who graduated from Hitotsubashi University, has spent more 30 years in business and advising government. In 2001, he was special advisor to the then Cabinet on foreign relations. He is also an external director with Mitsubishi Materials Corp and a director at NTT Data Corp and is a contributor to Japanese newspapers and magazines.

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