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Press conference at FCCJ

Hiroshi Mikitani, Representative Director, Japan Association of New Economy
12:30-13:30 Friday, September 20, 2013
Hiroshi Mikitani
Representative Director, Japan Association of New Economy

新経済連盟代表理事 三木谷 浩史




You may know Mikitani as the acquisitive CEO of e-retailer Rakuten and one of Japan's richest men, but he will speak at the Club in his capacity as the leader of JANE, the organization he founded reportedly as a challenge to Keidanren, or the Japan Business Association, the country's most influential large corporates association.
Mikitani, who had once been vice chairman of the venerable Keidanren, withdrew his company from the group in 2011 after falling out with the captains of industry who ran it. At the time, he tweeted his dissatisfaction with Keidanren's protective stance toward the nuclear power industry.

Meanwhile, Mikitani was involved in the establishment of the Japan e-business Association (JeBA) in 2010, an association to support the expansion of the Internet and e-business industry. This group changed its name to the Japan Association of New Economy (JANE) in June 2012, with Miktani and other "new economy" company leaders such as Susumu Fujita, president of Cyber Agent K.K. JANE remains strongly anti-nuclear power, but also produces policy recommendations and agendas which serve the interests of entrepreneurs who wish to enter over-regulated segments of Japan's economy.

Mikitani will discuss how information technology can be used to leverage "Abenomics" and help Japan's growth strategy. He has also recently co-authored a book with his economist father, Ryouichi, called Kyousouryoku, or Competitiveness, where the pair debate Japan's various economic ills and suggest solutions.

Come and hear what's on the mind of one of Japan's most famous billionaire mavericks.