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Press conference at FCCJ

Stars of the 30th Anniversary Film, Oshin
12:30-14:00 Tuesday October 8, 2013
Aya Ueto, Kokone Hamada and Ayako Kobayashi
Stars of the 30th Anniversary Film "Oshin"

上戸 彩、濱田 ここね、小林 綾子







"Oshin" represents one of Japan's greatest cultural crossover successes, with broadcasts spanning 68 countries since the story first debuted on NHK, and enduring popularity in Asian nations, where its determined young heroine had an enormous impact. Aired for just one year (1983-1984), the morning serial was an instant success, spawning a feature-length animated version and then, with the Japan Foundation's support, beginning its global journey in subtitled form.

Today, Oshin has become a worldwide symbol of strength and determination in the face of adversity. The original story covers nearly 70 years in the semi-fictionalized life of OshinTanokura, who is born into poverty in a Yamagata farming village during the Meiji Era, becomes an indentured servant at age seven to support her family, and overcomes unspeakable hardships to emerge as a successful businesswoman.

In honor of the show's 30th anniversary, Toei Studios will be releasing the first feature film version of "Oshin" on October 12, with a stellar lineup of actors supporting the debut of 8-year-old Kokone Hamada, who was selected to play the young Oshin after beating out 2,471 other candidates and is sure to steal the hearts of a new generation.

FCCJ is pleased to welcome this exciting young actress with two of her co-stars, Aya Ueto, who plays Oshin's mother, and Ayako Kobayashi, who played Oshin in the NHK version and has a role in the new film. Popular singer-actress Aya Ueto has appeared in many TV series, and had her first leading film role in 2003’s "Azumi." Ayako Kobayashi followed up her lead turn as the NHK Oshin with roles in many TV shows, and has also been active in films.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to see these three actresses ahead of the film's nationwide opening on October 12.