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Press conference at FCCJ

Amy Goodman, Executive Director of Democracy Now!

12:30-14:00 Monday, January 20, 2014
Amy Goodman, Executive Director of Democracy Now!




Investigative journalist Amy Goodman has become one of the most recognizable voices of the independent media in the United States since she began hosting the TV, radio and cyber news program "Democracy Now" in 1996. The program has consistently challenged what she sees as the mainstream orthodoxy of US broadcasting values, and championed popular resistance to economic and political power. Her work has earned her a string of awards, including the Right Livelihood Award, referred to as the Alternative Nobel, in 2008.

Goodman and her broadcasting crew will come to Japan in January to speak at a university in Tokyo and in Kyoto, and do several live-broadcasts of her one-hour news show from Tokyo. As part of her visit, she will travel to Hiroshima as well as to report on the aftermath of the nuclear disaster, nearly three years after it was triggered by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. She has agreed to come to the FCCJ and discuss her work, along with her thoughts on nuclear disaster the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the recently passed state secrecy protection bill and the US-Japan alliance.

Born in 1957, Goodman earned her reporting stripes in a series of skirmishes with authority, including one in which she was beaten by Indonesian soldiers in East Timor. In one of her most famous on-air confrontations, she questioned President Bill Clinton about his record on Election Day 2000. She has also written several books, including The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance and Hope.

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