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Tokyo Discovery Project

Hello Global People!!
We are adventure crew of the Tokyo discovery project.
We tried to discover modern spots and traditional Tokyo culture, and we want to introduce them to you. Please enjoy the following movie.

JCC & Takahiro Nakajima,
Certificated Tour Guide

Tokyo Sky Tree

The Height is 634m.
It is a stand-alone communications tower and the world's No.1!


This place became famous as the spot where we can enjoy watching the double image of the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Many people always visit and taking pictures.

Kameido Tenjin

It was built here in the 17th century.
God of learning is deified.
That's why many students come here before taking entrance examinations.

Sensoji temple-Kaminarimon

"Kaminarimon" is the front gate of Sensoji temple.
Huge paper lantern is hung in the center.
There are two guardian gods, the Wind God at right, and the Thunder God at left.

Sensoji temple-Nakamise

"Nakamise" means the shopping malls in the precincts of shrine and temples.
"Nakamise" is one of the oldest shopping malls in japan.
Now there are 54 shops on the east side, and 35 shops on the west side, in total 89 shops.

Sensoji temple-Fivestoried pagod

It is 53.2m high, one of the tallest pagodas in japan.
In the tower, God's ashes presented from Sri Lanka are kept.